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Chinese companies are globalizing at an unprecedented rate.

Haier is the world's largest telecoms equipment manufacturer; Lenovo is the number one PC maker; and others such as Dalian Wanda, Fosun, Shuanghui and Tencent have been regular players in the global M&A scene. This book presents a detailed analysis of current and emerging Chinese multinationals, and the policies, strategies, and ambitions that are driving them today. Written by leading experts in the field, the book provides the most up-to-date insight into a phenomenon that is rapidly changing the global economic and business landscape.

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About The Authors

Weiru Chenis Associate Professor of strategy at CEIBS and Chief Strategy Offi cer of Cainiao Network, Alibaba Group








Yuan Ding is Vice President and Dean, Cathay Capital Chair Professor in Accounting at CEIBS. He is member of European Accounting Association, French Accounting Association and American Accounting Association.






Klaus Meyeris Professor of International Business at Ivey Business School. He joined Ivey in 2017 after six years at CEIBS







Gao Wangis Professor of Marketing at CEIBS, Associate Dean for Executive Education and Development. He is Co-Director of the Centre for Globalization of Chinese Companies at CEIBS.





Katherine Xinis Professor of Management, Bayer Chair in Leadership, Associate Dean (Europe) and Co-Director of the Centre for Globalization of Chinese Companies at CEIBS.


Global Expansion: The Chinese Way discusses the internationalization approaches of Chinese companies from three perspectives, including strategy, finance, and integration.

The strategy section discusses the motivations, approaches, and operational modes of Chinese enter-prises going global. As the domestic market is equally important as the global market, Chinese companies follow a three-stage globalization path that involves applying acquired knowledge to the local market before expanding overseas.

The finance section reviews the challenges that Chinese companies face in evaluating resources and capabilities of target companies, and explores some common problems in conducting due diligence. One of the core issues faced is to identify and prevent risks, which should be taken into account before every decision.

The integration section analyses the post-merger integration model that Chinese firms adapt. Chinese companies are more inclined to adapt a ‘light touch’ integration strategy that is commonly-preferred by emerging market enterprises when acquiring resources and capabilities in developed economies.

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The Testimonials

Dipak C. Jain, Professor of Marketing, President-Designate, CEIBS; Former Dean of INSEAD and Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University, USA

“The authors provide a thoughtful review of managerial choices for Chinese companies planning for global reach and growth. Their recommendations combine their personal perspectives and experiences along with a set of interviews conducted with Chinese entrepreneurs and senior executives. A great book fi lled with in-depth knowledge and insights.”

Peter Ping Li, Professor of Chinese Business Studies at Copenhagen Business School and Research Director at the Center for Creative Leadership, Greater China Region

“All fi ve authors are leading scholars and experts about China. Based on their fi rst-hand experience and prodigious research, they collectively present both theoretical and practical perspectives on the unique pattern of globalization by Chinese companies. The in-depth studies of Chinese enterprises’ motives for globalization and their unique strategies for post-merger integration are two of the book’s valuable highlights.”

Dimitri de Vreeze, Member of the Managing Board, Royal DSM NV

“Startling insights into the approach that Chinese enterprises adopt when they pursue their global expansions. This book is highly recommended for any company or leader that would conduct business in China and/or would closely compete or collaborate with Chinese companies on the global stage. Be prepared for the future.”

Gina Qiao, President of Lenovo Mobile Business Group

“With many illuminating cases, as well as a unique perspective, the fi ve authors of this book unveil a different way of approaching globalization strategies taken by Chinese companies. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the globalization processes of Chinese companies.”

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